Wednesday, May 26, 2010

what is that

Are you happy with your frigid zone.
Today i saw Osama's picture and i tell you i hate clean shaven men.
Are you happy with seventy two horses.
are they happy in their bunny suits.
Are these really apples. 
tomorrow, lets visit a clinic and buy that shit man.
Some of the days I dont get any dreams and then I try to fill up my sleep with commercials where there's men waking up with grey hair and no pension plans
I resolve to never tell you when I'm not ok
I want to get an ocean around my eyes, lets drink.
We forget to punctuate sometimes.


so whatsup. so my boils are deflating.i want to write flash fiction but i cant.


Lucifer said...

Changed the layout on a whim?

Flash fiction? That is something very new to me.

weevil girl said...

yes man.

and yes man.i am not good at it. :|