Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She makes me feel like i could be a tower

a big strong tower yeah

(words from the lyrics to Suddenly I See- K.T.Tunstall. mixedmedia collage.product of summerrestlessness and extremeboredom.doesnt like daddy.bites mommy sometimes.)


Shreya said...

you haven't painted this, have you? :O

It's beautiful nevertheless !!!!

weevil girl said...

I've painted everything but the girl. (its a cutout from a magazine, but her bluedress is painted)

thank you :)

weevil girl said...

also, the text reading 'the power to be the power to give the power to see' is photoshopped. :P

Shreya said...

WHYYYYYYYYY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY are you this awesome at all such stuff :O do you know I feel like a waste of space looking at your work? :X

You'r awesome :( :)

weevil girl said...

oh dont, im pretty much the same. try creating more wastes of space when you feel like that, it's how i come up with the shit myself ;D

thanks :)

Artemisia D. said...

I always thought the lyrics said 'towel' instead of 'tower'.

The thing is damn nice.
I don't know what to call the thing.

storyteller said...

you be too much creative =)

Sugar Magnolia said...

Favourite lyrics. Now come with to-remember art :) Beatiful.

weevil girl said...

:D thank you :D