Tuesday, January 1, 2008


ok so here you go. i AM writing an oh-yay-its-a-new-year-coming-our-way! post . ok no actually i take that back. its just an oh-well-sigh-another-year-gone-by post.eitherway, i think i shouldve done it last night. but i was not really in a state. no i wasnt all drunk and having fun and going lalalalala getting high and all of that, in case you were getting optimistic about hearing such.i was only too busy staring at the ceiling getting zoned out and pissed but i have decided to not talk about pissedfulthingshere so well, letsleavethatout.

so last year. happened. you know. it was actually a year that happened. numerology once told me that 2007 was suppossed to be , for me, a number one year-ayearofnewbegginingsandsomehorseshitlikethat. oh well
it was a funny year and as i said..it happened. now i cant go ahead and describe all of what happened for the simple reason that i suck at framing sentences and my dad is yelling already [YOUNEEDTOGETTOBEDORYOU'LLGETLATEFORSCHOOLAGAIN,GIRL! and shit]. but yes. things kept flying past me like chickens being dropped from the 11th floor and it was as if i was there on the 8th floor, trying to make sense out of the foolery that was happening too fast for me to grasp. but in the desperation and urge of getting hold of a skinny chicken leg or two, a few feathers did happen to be kind enough to let me cling on to them. GIANT lightmaking feathers, them.
ok i killed it.
but you get it, yes? oh fuck it if you didnt. the fact- i met great people last year. i started blogging. trying to live. and all of that jazz. themusic.theband. itallseemsbleaknow but it did start, dinnit? ANNNNNNND i got new stripey socks.
[thank sam for the little mercies xD] i cant even begin to thank the world wide fucking web.
the breaking and making. and the shaping up and all. butmostofall, whateverforce mademeruninto people like rawry,shayo <3, my sucktwin:D, suck-rita!, ayeshamylaow:P, say[the djkfhjdf ostrich] .. and my clone[justwhatwouldmycellphonedowithoutyouandshay?:P].
:] and gaygirl, you are still a funny surprise. xP
i am absolutely killing this, im aware. i just CANNOT be a heartmeltingblogpostwriter re. fishhater,pu,chiquita - i..dunno. im sorry for whatever crap is happening and i loveyouguyssomuchitsalmostfunny.
but finally, i would like to dedicate this sentence to the martian who makes so much sense that its almostscary. SHIT scary. <3 tsallgood,eh? hastobe.but we'll sing a song about getting high and purple, ok? BEMYTHOUGHTCOMMODELALALAXD

so hello newyear. be good, plis.


Dhruva said...

I wish you the sun. :)

Sayan said...

And I'll say it one more time:

You're so,so wonderfully sincere..

Tralala! :)

Lucid Darkness said...

Now you HAVE done it.

Pravin said...

Have a wonderful 2008!

little boxes said...

hahaha...loved it!
and especially the plis!

Shay said...

plis plis!
lmao! XD

*tring tring*
ship: "hello?"
shay: "helloooo"
ship: "who are you this time?"
ship: "as if."