Saturday, January 19, 2008

..and sometimes what happens is you fall sick and do something in the hope of driving away the sickness,which makes it cancerous instead . happens when you are dumb/ immature/ blinded for some reason/ or just WHATEVER. WHAT DO YOU DO THEN? WHAAAAAAAT?
things go from bad to worse and all you can do is watch your peace of mind being thrown out of the window by the monsterbitchofalife. why? PLEASE make me disappear?

p.s. all this, my friend, is NOT about all me. it might be hard to imagine, but there is, indeed, more to my excuseforalife.


Lucifer said...

I would kill her even if you just said it.

Without the please, that is.

A rope perhaps.

Lucid Darkness said...

Erm Ship, dyspepsia isn't all that bad, you know.