Monday, January 28, 2008

the guitar the girl the heart the red

counsellors seem to be the dumbest people in the entire frigging universe.

and school authorities are actually dumber to have hired them.


nvm.thats look at this-

yes so.

i made that obviously :P.its ok.althoughitcouldvebeenbetter. angle of the first pic [to teh left] not quite the rightest.and all of that and also ididnthaveapropercameraforthepicwithmeinit sowebcam sobadres but I JDFNJGKSJGFlikeit yes.
check dA. gogo.


little boxes said...

our school has a counsellor?
n d pics be nice

weevil girl said...

not A COUNCELLOR. two of em.
yes its mad. MAD.
and thanks

Lucid Darkness said...

The counsellors that schools/colleges hire are the dumb ones. They're the ones who're so bad at their job that they have to pretend to strut their stuff before the Heads of Educational Institutions so that they have some work. Bah.

The picture! :D
But, meh, you're way too fond of hearts it seems. :P