Friday, December 28, 2007

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 - Free Online Dating Site

hahaha barring the first three sentences,and the fifth and the sixth and a few more sentences here and there, i know i know the rest is like spot on!

.nostalgiafactory. by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

and a few more pictures mine.

no i havnt been doing much but i guess i WOULD have if i had a camera and such.
so well the thing is that its winter and all with the oh-i-love-winter or the oh-winter-is-a-bitch posts all over blogsphere and i so absolutely suck at them that i wont even begin to try writing one of those.but well winter IS fucking cool. haha. even though it doesnt get too cold here in this city which is a pity pity pity. siliguri was so much cooler XD i dig winters yes. blankets and all.and i like my nose getting frozen up and shivering is fun. no kidding. but its not like i get to enjoy the worldoutdoorsthebeautyandwhatnot at any time of the year anyway so wtf it doesnt make much of a difference. like pujas. when do i ever get to go out even during the pujas? so well on christmas i couldnt've expected much. not like anything interesting EVER happens during festivals and such. seasons, festivals or just.. things arent too much of a happy issue when its my life we're discussing. yes even going to the terrace and spending time there must be fun during winters but im only allowed there for say 15 mins at the most. like im gonna get killed somehow or maybe im gonna turn into some evil witch if i stay there for too long. im 17 for pete's sake. but who wants to consider that anyway? its all so horrible and gets my head so messy and makes things so complicated that talking about it in simple stupid goddamn sentences feels quite liberating actually and FUCK MAN NORAH JONES IS IN THE CITY AND I HAVE NO FRIGGING CLUE ABOUT IF THERE'S GONNA BE A SHOW AND SUCH I SURE WANNA GO MAN YOU KNOW ITS GONNA BE CRAZILY OUTRAGEOUS IF I DONT GET TO
and i dont like facebook. its got like thousands of stupid apps and everyone has to send requests for adding those apps to everyone else.its all just very lame. but not being allowed to play in the band is the lamest thing in the entire universe. and now that i got reminded of THAT, i dont think i wanna talk anymore.

p.s.:im notinlove with anyofyou. im not about to fallinlovewithanyofyou anytimesoon. therefore, im not going to be in a relationship with you. what makes that so hard to get?


Sayan said...


^*^Clouds^*^ said...

I hate facebook too!
* same pinch *

Lucid Darkness said...

I liked the picture. If you say anything about your eyes again (stuff that is un-complimentary that is), I shall give you a black eye.

And as for the Saggi thingy... I'm not even going to ask what you were doing in a free online dating site. :P

Oh and I feel that I shouldn't go whahahaha-ing about the post script as it would be inappropriate, but well, you are forgetting tht we are engaged, you know. *solemn expression*

reallyoldturtle said...

And yes. I hate facebook too. Damn!


The Misanthrope said...

let the sunshine hit your eyes
the more you think the more you die
and even if you try to stay alive
it isn't easy to relate reality with dreams...
let the sunshine hit your eyes
till you go fuckin blind
and feel your way through the maze
back to that amorphous being
the one who you called your own
till you learn to blink
and try to adjust your vision to suit reality...

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

Wahahahaha what the hell were you doing on a DATING site? It makes the postscript rather fishy you know.
And aw poor you when(if) I come back to Kolkata I shall drag you out with me for a secret phuchka binge and I don't care if I have to steamroller your mom to do so.
-jump jump-