Thursday, April 26, 2007

you know whats sad?
but whats saddest is that apparently, shravanthi will HAVE to move to blore.
i dont be-LIEVE this.

i mean, she was the only, should i say, (even if its just remotely )LIKEME friend i had here.
i mean, like, in terms of craziness and randomity and doomedness and other shit.
now i will have no one to torment with tales of beautiful leggy butterflies.
or flying cockroaches.
or discuss frozencorn or juices or cupboard doors over the phone.
or STUDY over the fone during board exams.


its plain ANNOYING.
i feel like being selfish and wishing she has to come back.
but again, i cant bring myself to do just that.
her sister and parents and her new flat with the bluecupboardoor need her too.

this is UNFAIR.
you understand unfair? unfookingfair.

anyway. one good thing about this is that she will be away from my bad influence. and wont have to wanna get another 3 piercings on her ears and start calling herself shravanthini.

but i HATE her. she gets to bee in blore.
where the rock circuit is so so much better.
and she says all her sister's friends are in bands.

and oh how i will miss her.

she was becoming mai baast fraand hear.
she was the first one to know about my recent...erm...infatuation (ohhowihatetosaythis)
withot me having to tell her.
and all that.
and i could discuss all the things with her that the other would only call me a freak for wanting to talk about.they have other talkable things to talk about yknow.
but i love them all.

and i HATE this.

and i know it will be stoled again.


i lobe shravaaasthi

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