Thursday, April 26, 2007

open window

that night..
i did not sleep
i did not weep
i did not write
just felt...

the swishing curtains don't let me sleep tonight
and the open window welcomes the wind inside
my private territory of opaque thoughts and feelings
its singing your name, the wind
ringing inside my head, your name,
your voice, so stark in my memory

the astral patterns in the sky
have a queer story to tell
does it resound in your world
as it does in mine?
can you decipher their intricacies?
or is it just a two way mirror
where i see through, and you just see you?

the moon and the clouds are playing
hide and seek and hide...
eclipsing the tide of moonlight
aaaah..the sweet moonlight!
i want to breathe it in
cause maybe you are breathing it out right now
or maybe its just touching you softly and
coming my way?
ill breathe it in, either way

i close my eyes to see your face
yes, i see you again dearest, most beautiful nightmare

why cant i drive you away
from the nook of my head?
why don't the clouds eclipse you
from my mind for once?
why don't the wind blow you away
into oblivion?

oh how i wish i could run away and hide
from this far-from-dark, yet poignant night

or just have your hand to hold..

the moonlight parched my insides
the wind echoed your voice
i had to close the window
didn't have no other choice

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