Thursday, April 19, 2007


will you forgive me?

for being stronger than you thought
colder than you could percieve
deeper than you ever did fathom
farther than you could reach
yet so close
so suffocatingly close...

no i wont hold on to what never was
or try reliving fake, distant memories
i just look back and smile my wan smile
and mellow down rueful melodies


(e.k.a.) dax said...

all the bloody time is what i feel. still, nice to see another moonchild rambling. dunnu what hope there is for us.

y'know, viz yr next post, somehow i lack the earlier conviction to see it all as a farce. just makes my soul feel sooo weeeary... shux. 'Keep a cleen nose' and a loud void, y'hear?

weevil girl said...

who is this? and why cant i view your blog?