Wednesday, April 25, 2007


straining her listless eyes
she stares at the hoary looking glass
looking for parts of what she used to be
in her reflection, vague and obscure
vague.. yet so pure
so distant..the reflection

shrouded by endless layers of
barely transparent confusions
yet she can feel its pain
added to her own..
the reflection she had long ago

frayed and distorted
the reflection silently moans
it can smell her reeking soul
dying a little more
with every lie she lives
with every smile she fakes
it can see all her hidden scars now
surfacing her core

she's losing touch with all she's ever been
shards of life all around her
incise her once scot-free skin
[that her reflection still projects] resembling cracked porcelain
reduced to something with inanimate existance,
she's distanced from her reflection
by her many flimsy facades
by all the things she's forced to be
just to please some cruel hearts

so distant...the reflection
and now its getting out of reach
its fragile form too weary to pull any closer
any closer to her
and helplessly,its moaning still...

she's losing what she truely is
as she hears its ethereal cry..

her reflection says..
'now watch me die'
and she can see the distance multiply..

the spring of her true life
now runs dry
and she can see the distance multiply..

1 comment:

Abhishek said...

not bad for teen angst poetry, in fact its pretty awesome for a teen angst poem. no, seriously... it was a great read... well done and keep it up

and btw, theres a typo... in the third para, i think it should be 'existence' not 'existance'