Sunday, April 12, 2009

Places to go.

Ok so here is an update. and the title is misleading.
I'm gonna suck at pretending that i have audience here, so lets just get on with a journal entry im too lazy to put to paper.

  • We went for a trip to Puri. Each day there= bad hair day.Bright coloured houses and scooters (fluorescent green,pink,yellow) and nice windows.VERY nice windows.Temples and all that jazz. ONE good private beach. A LOT of eating and even more sleeping. Tanned arms and intact face and my inability to understand such behaviour of my skin.And a fucking spoilt lens which resulted in ZERO decent pictures. the only one that comes close is this: (no editage except a lil crop and a border)

oh and example of brightcolouredwallswithnicewindows:

shittypic taken with dad's phonecamera.

  • Went and visited grandma etc. after centuries. slept for 14 hours of the day i was there.

  • Did nothing.

  • Visited nicelinks like this one.Action poetry.

  • Got bipoler-er by the second.

  • Yelled fuckyou more than i ever have.

  • ..and im stopping the loving getting in- KT tunstall.

  • I get a little bored of life.


Prince Kazarelth said...

Looks nice. Been there quite some time ago, so I have no memories of that place.

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

I love the temple picture, actually. The colours are magnificent.

And you get depressive too easily. sms.