Thursday, April 16, 2009

Last time i was drunk

i felt some bathroom hysteria bobble up in my chest.i felt
like a wind turbine with a broken teetering-hub, which stands
facing west. i felt seven daggers and 18 years of chipped
nails creep into my dreams one by one. i felt a lot of
terrible things. i also felt

your hands and your fingers as they grew rocky.Last time i was
drunk i tried writing letters to 3 people in heaven. the first
snorted, the second wouldn't acknowledge my existence. the third was
killing himself again.the third was telling me i need to
shove the words into a mortise.i felt like i needed to
keep a promise, or a secret, but all i have is cavities.i
felt like giving some strong advice.

like- When lachrymose,try weeping on someone's bleeding sweatshirt.
or Never ignore a roadkill, it might come to and eat your genitals.
or Turn into a crow. or a unicorn. or something that can escape
fatuous human faith.or Love your children, please love your children.Last

time i was drunk,i felt like polishing forks and honing my blades, like
it is the most tender act in the universe.i felt like being a handgun
hidden in a shrine,or the love hidden in a whore's crevice.i felt
like writing NEX all over my walls and painting them yellow.
like a gay,violent death in springtime, i wanted to scream and
dismember a heart, for once,not my own.


whatever.shit said...

i always like what you like.
so, there.

deluded said...

this is definitely the first time that anyone Ive heard of got philosophical by getting drunk!

next time, write a book too.

like wings of fire or something

My Evil Self said...

All I get when I'm drunk, is insomnia.

And here I thought I had problems..

tarang said...

When i get drunk,i can't feel my lips and i start talking about the perils of penelope pitstop,and you think you have it bad !

Jadis said...


Jadis said...

getting drunk is FUN girl!! the world should look prettier and happier. DON'T let it bog you down!

weevil girl said...

@tarang. omg realy? you are so worshipworthy and im sucha whine.
is that what you wanted to hear?


weevil girl said...

er, sorry im just pmsing and being a bitch in general iguess.

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

Strange kid. Call, talk.


can't u make the worls little larger ?

tarang said...


JD said...

I should try this. I'm too busy musing on how depressing life is to think so much when I'm drunk. Next time. Maybe today =|

PS - If you're still PMSing, try not getting it out on me =|

Color Changed said...

-Is Rachel-

That aside.
I read a lot. Cause I was needing to.

I've mentioned I love your haze yes?

This made me happy smile cry fearful and then...

Yes. Nice haze.

weevil girl said...

yes JD, dotry. and bah :P its your lucky day.

and font larger? dont think so. i like it this way.
maybe when i have a changeofmind.


Debs said...


Color Changed said...

I'll be back at some point or another maybe who knows. For now I'll stalker ish ly watch blogs =P