Sunday, April 26, 2009

Letters from Bengaluru.

Bits From Letter no. 1:


originally, this was going to be a wordy post about the only thing in my life so far which really makes me inexplicably happy, and is something i can never, not even for a moment, wish to change anything about- shravanthi's letters.but then i go, ohfuck words, and think of putting up selected snippets from all her letters which wont get me slaughtered for making them public, but then my patience with the scanner fizzles out so now this is just going to be a post which wont do justice to what imbues me with this weird energy which makes my mind get off its ass and do a little HYPER BOOGIE.which is because i am lazy and in general, a bastard.the last letter came in a purple envelope, by the way. that killed me. i was sleeping when it reached the house and if you knew me, you'd know its imPOSSIBLE to wake me up unless you've been wrestling with my corpse for the past hour, but all mom had to do is say SHRAVANTHI MS and i JUMPED out of the bed while im not sure how i could even HEAR her talk, really ( but i'm pretty sure that's all she said, i asked later,yeah).
the only trouble is, after this, im sure no goddamned creature that writes to me, nomatterhowkickass,can ever match up to the standards she's set, as far as overall awesomeness is concerned.i kid you not. if there's anything in the world i can afford to be snooty about, its having the most ridiculously amazing penpalfriendperson.
*insert sufficiently retarded looking hyper-grinny smiley*

p.s.somebody kill me for not replying to blogpostcomments whenever i do manage to get any.
p.p.s.please attend my funeral which will follow my next visit to the dentist which is on wednesday mmmk.


little boxes said...

nice...i miss letter writing days now :(
and why dentist?

weevil girl said...

start writing again!

oh i have cavities. 4 fillings. i hate myself.

the soliloquist said...

My friend and I had a pact a very long time ago to always write and never use e-mails.

Great post.

weevil girl said...

did you end up following it at all? :D

and thankyou xD

"Bodhisatwa" said...

can we do something together?
its an idea iv been working on, and id like you in.
lemme know.

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

btw did you get my postcard? I forgot to ask, I think. I must've been on planes when you got it

"Bodhisatwa" said...

send me your e-mail address. i'll mail you. or call you about it.

storyteller said...

Letters and postcards I <3, can I write to you?Oh wait you stay a stone's throw away,sheesh!

Magically Bored said...

I just LOVE your illustrations!

weevil girl said...

@storyteller: IKNOW :P

but we dont visit each other only. we can pretend we're from different planets or something?

@ brinda: :D thankyou!this post has no illustrations by me,but. these pictures are scans of my friend's letters for me.