Wednesday, January 21, 2009


IMPORTANT: save the effort of reading the entire post if you have a life, and go straight to the end and read the other *IMPORTANT* note. enough of cryptic, one line, posts in the rantblog(s) about things i dont think should matter (or am going to talk about, because i fail to recall what exactly they might've been, actually :S ), and no more stalling the possibilty of new posts hoping for one more comment on the last here and i realise that this blog has been dying little by little, much the same way as my newfound immunity against the urge to blabberblabberblabber is, now.

so here i am. pre-boards over. doomsday lurking round the corner and im pretending its still december. i hate the weather and everything that spells out clearly- ITS NOT D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R !!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111ONEONE well but even in december the weather was anything but it.why cant this city give me ONE week of proper cold weather when i dont have to say oh i wish i could shove my ass into the freezer? and i can almost see the almighty going muahahaha from beyond the palegrey skies saying, well kid, live with it. sucks? pretty much. thanks for the sympathy, empathy and all that jazz.
also, i dont have any YAY ITS 2009 AND HERE IS WHAT I PLAN TO DO, because here is what i actually plan to do: STOP worrying about how i never plan to do anything. stopstopstop itsok thats the kinda bastard you are and you cant change that to save your life.or you just dont make an effort. or you're just not sure where this post is going and so you're stretching it longer with pointless sentences that are not about the boil on your ass.
yeaaaaaaaaaaah, i have aNOTHER boil. if you think something's seriously wrong with me, you'd probably be right.
moving on,this weekend we went for this picnic (dad's office thing, so you get the picture) to someplace in Madhyamgram and there were PEBBLES ALLLLLL OVER THE PLACE!!11111oneone i lugged a good twenty something home, if you can believe it. smallbeeg weirdround all kinds.
that's one good thing.
another good thing is that i finally uploaded a few new pictures on dA and flickr, go see if you're jobless.
bad thing: amay biye peyeche. aar peye i choleche. goddamnit. koi re bhai somebody come and biye me. buy me. whatevers. lets elope. lets OK? PLEASE? sigh.nobody takes me seriously. what the fuck, mens.
also, i cannot for the life of me take decent pics with my SLR. not many decent pics, aleast. and all the cautiousness and nervousness about wasting a shot makes it worse.gah.
also, im broke and in dire need of -cough- money which would help me buy something my parents wont get me because they have other things to get me, and i dont wannabugem because i dont think i deserve it yet anyway. well, i need a graphic tablet badly annnnnnnnnd before the college admission things begin, that too. whhhhhhich brings me to the

-clears throat-

hello. im shriparna sarkar, a bum who is pretty goodfornothing and is -cough- trying to sell her prints. prints of her -cough- work. er, artwork? incase anyone is interested ( notice ship on her knees, full-tu begging pose ), please let me know.
work may be viewed in her dA gallery or Flickr (for photographs,link on the sidebar).

i have 4 people agreeing to buy my shit sofar. isalliwantedtosay. hello this is weird.


Sambit said...

i just read the part you asked people to read.
and you know i want *fidelity* if it's of a reasonable price.

storyteller said...

Hello,hello!Hope the exams have been good....oi and we must catch up sometime,you're so busy always!

whatever.shit said...

forgot to tell you.
a graphic tablet from chandni would cost you about 2k.

Prince Kazarelth said...

How much for your prints, Ship? I could ask people I know who like art. :)


ANOTHER update from the folks at Fractal Jigsaw!

We have updated with a new story's first part written by dear old daddy.

megat said...

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deluded said...

ki re

a school girl getting marriage proposals.


deluded said...

oh. question.

you DO do oil on canvas right?

Lucid Darkness said...

Best of luck for tomorrow!

weevil girl said...

@storyteller: yeah well we should :D and i havnt been busy, just been very inactive. :P
@soumi-not helping i told you i want the pricey one :P

@PK- we talked only.
@deluded- not GETTING marriage proposals. biye peyeche like.. 'khide peyeche' or 'potty peyeche'. that way.

and no i dont. i just use digital media for now :(

deluded said...


that makes more sense. heh.

and hey, now is not the time, but specially, after boards, DO IT. oil on canvas.

if youre this good in digital media.......Id love to buy something that I could actually hang around somewhere.

weevil girl said...

well,one can hang prints, no?

deluded said...

*cough cough

count me in then.

but canvas looks so much more cooler!