Thursday, January 15, 2009

count your blasseengs

pathetic time ive been having, really. in general. as always. pathetic new year, birthday my fucking foot, santa claus never really existed anyway, mothers always do (ignore this, really).


good thing is, good things dont not happen,yknow.
so i am cranky with everyone i know. im a bastard that way, without meaning to be, but how is that an excuse heh :P and some people take in all the shit i keep throwing in all directions,andstill give me reasons to sing ..
(from-on mercury. happymaking song RHCP.i want to eat their faces. diggable peoples.)
moving on, the goodstuff. (in order of occurrance)
factor#1(fragrating agent): SD gives me smiley pebble smelling of, as i was told, axe aftershave.listen dood, i havea thing for pebbles. dont laugh at me. i like that pebble and people dont give me pebbles so there. this makes it to the list.
factor#2 (de-pissingoff agent ) : emomail from sneha. i cant handle emo, mens.and since i was sloshedwhen i read it, it was worse. holy crap, it WAS.didnt speak to her for two days straight because i didnt know what to say and i end up not bringing things up later,usually, giving the impression im taking everything for granted. cant help, man. i suck at these things.

..she painted that for me. LALALA ACRYLICS ON RED(WHATEVERITSISCALLED)PAPER.she's a star and im a pile of jonjaal. xD oh but thassok with her, so why complain *!*
factor #4(cheeringup/comfortingagent):
I'll sit by you near the ruins and make you
a daisychain of smiles and forgetmenots,
so when the astrologer passes by we can
laugh in his face (together) and tell him
you have friends.
factor #5(ridding insecurities): PK agreed to adopt me.holy jizz. i can be their daughter. can you beat that? NO SIR NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. so yeah, when im not being a loosar at trying to make it as a phuchka waali or somesuch, im gonna be at home with mommy and daddy, (leaving them alone mostly, yeah. rest assured, you two) eating out of their refridgerator.
im going to be a joey. i just KNOW it. she's always going to be like monika too, i have a feeling.
anyway, point is, they cant change their mind after THIS. no effin way.

. The Ship by ~Babrus on deviantART

BARBRA DREW ME A PICTUR OF ME. in addition to my dA avatar, even my ID is by him now. blah. xD :dancesmoarandmoar:

ohcool something just pissed me off enough to make me stop typing anymore happythings. LISTEN.forgive me.iloveall, but am pissed off. no elaboration.


Anurima. said...


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Prince Kazarelth said...

Oh... I commented on the wrong post.

Delete that other comment, and copy paste it here will you?

ALSO. Change the colour theme of your blog. OR increase font size. 'Tis hard to know where one post ends and the next one begins.

You shall do them both because im ur daddy.