Monday, February 25, 2008

soon-to-be discarded song.

wild child cecilia
smelt like wild romance
ice tea in her breath
as she teaches stars to dance

she smiled and got me curious
but before i could get some paint
she said
i'd have stopped to pose for you
but ive got other plans

wild child cecilia
ran round the streetlight pole
marking the sidewalk with a score of suns
as i watched the night unfold

i followed her as she walked like a rhyme
smoking puffs of dreams
winking at the moon like she owned the sky
insoluble as she seems

wild child cecilia
looked back as she ran
i'd have stayed right in your dreams
if i had no other plans

this could be no ordinary girl
this could be no ordinary love

(get me some paint as i sing her now)
this could be could be no ordinary love..

now it was either a dream or just a vision
like an image i wanted to draw
but before i could put it on paper, it came out as..a song.

the girl's name was America in the beginning yknow. America yes.
but then i called her cecilia.i mean in the dreamilke state i called out to her and i addressed her as Cecilia. idunno the inside of my head is mad.

and its VERY silly. no really iknow its silly but i still wanna draw her. i wish i could do it wellenoughbutsigh. this is goingtobe another one of those discarded songs cause the tune [yes there IS one] is a shit boring dumbone but the blog's a dumpingplace anyway so i didnt think it'd hurt to post this. so well.


gugs said...

i loveeeee itt...!!!!!
dose random characters in our heads.... they rock dont they..!!!!
plz do not discard it...
ull come up wid another tune for it
im sureee...!!!!
keep it kickin for now...!!!

Lucid Darkness said...

I'd like to hear it, you know. It's as though the unchained side of you is trying its best to guide you to find your purpose, but her very unrestrained nature is not letting her stop or pause for you to catch up with her.

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Cecilia, running free, running wild.
And she'll always have other plans - until the day you give her life.

Scribbler said...

Whoa!!! LIked the imagery.

keep it rollin;)