Sunday, February 3, 2008


ok look i dont like trivial things being given unnecessary attention. that was the first point. i find the madman across the street more desirable than tambi. is that ok with you now? im not about to hump either or them just yet, though. does that make you go ' ohshit no melodrama? ohno anticlimax.' ?
and i do not give right punctuation much importance no how sickly juvenile no?

and i am a boring person.i have not much to talk about neither the skill of making pettytalk about shoelaces sound all interesting and grippingly hilarious yes i suck yes that is just as funny as you think it is. i get to be the lamebuttofthejoke or the buttofthelamejoke yay whatfun.
and i dont have poetry inside me. neither music. no images no words no wintertales no songsofthespring empty like the priest in white. and as menacing as the beast at night what a silly and desperate attempt of my subconscious to rhyme i do not lie when i say it was unvoluntary. godpromise.
and i only come online to post here and lookat dA sometimes. yes thats it everything else feels like too much of a burden to me idont know why maybe you and i and we should let go? because idont feel like ..anything. its just that im too fickle maybe or too free to wander and be allconfined at random intervals disregarding everything else oh yes selfish is the word maybe why care? i dont feel like caring so much there lies the glitch.sheh.

i changed my about me yes thats all i had to say really.

p.s.: i can call my post anything i like aslong as it isnt causing environmental degradation inthe name of encouraging cultural events of social importance that mean nothing to them, iguess.
p.p.s.: i would like to pretend that ive purposely used a word that does not exist like i always do but no my dear jobless readers this once it was sheer dumbidity that made me type 'unvoluntary' quite..erm..unvoluntarily. =/


Saturnalia's Offspring said...

and the people they shoutandscreamandlaugh
and yes, pointpointpoint "ooh look that's her"
and whogivesafuckanyway you're all good girl, really you are
let 'em bitch
Go. Fly. Live.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

okay, i love this post. i'd never be able to write something like this, i guess i'd just research poisons or something =]

and yes, AH it is.

Lucid Darkness said...

Yeah right. :/
Of course you can't write or play music or do anything constructive. And obviously and equally clearly my favourite dish is a plate-full of pickled octopus' eyes which I've never even tasted in my life.

Get a grip, woman!

weevil girl said...


@shruti-hahakja yeah

priyanka- haha thanks and well umm i feel inadequate to comment on your blog so well :P

LD- shaddup.

The Misanthrope said...

just look at yourself in the mirror and slap yourself thrice and eat smelly socks....

coz i don't believe the one who u say is confining you is voluntarily doin it....

he is as fucked up as you are...
you people just need some time...patience here is the can't give up so simply can't...not only because you are the purple hippie girl..also because you're so fuckin amazingly wahahahaha n goofysmilingly lskdjcnsdkjcn..nobody's confinin you deliberately
you're a free fly fly...shoo...

The Misanthrope said...

and evidently khokon aint good at understandin what is said jokingly.....

weevil girl said...

its not always about you dude.

Sayan said...

You know what? You know the rest.

Go,go out there,do your stuff and live. Scream if it makes you feel better but live. Your world's only half-formed and a lot,lot's going to change. You know.

The present never dictates,the present just acts as the sieve,the ribbon. And the scream is very much part of it.

And I rambled without making much sense,yeah.But I trust the deluded soul to understand what I mean.

Superman's above you,look.