Saturday, July 28, 2007

of acoustic dreams

the skin
smells of snowflakes
and moonshine soaked in pain
your skin
skims my glassy
eyes that will to burn
a skylight
through the roof

thoughts crawl out
pellucid yet misty
follow the geodesic trail
to a different void
where you dwell

the heart
a patchwork of everything
strange yet plain
in purple and blue
and red in bits
with a tinsel or two
fixed carelessly to the walls
my heart
reaches out for fingers
that etch polychrome stains
on black and blue dreams

smudge the thorns
sing of plastic hearts
ill consume the blue
and smell the moonshine
soaked in pain

before passivity clogs my brain
take my hand
and while the seasons
chase the rain
lets climb over the clouds;
sit and count the stars
feeling like each other
trapped in an open shell

i sing of the ringing silence
and wish the tune reaches
the void where you dwell

[needs editing.dont feel like editing. thsi could be so so much better.andihatebloggerfornotallowingthekindofallingnmentiwantormaybeitsjustthatisuck]


Shreya said...

do i need to mention like many others will after me...i simply love it!

Prince Kazarelth said...

And you can Write.
Very well.

I like the style.
And I shan't say anything about the theme.

Oh.. what alignment do you want?

weevil girl said...

[b] i dont know what to call it.or what its called.
and thank you

Lucid Darkness said...

Painfully beautiful.


Lucifer said...

Holy s**t!!!


You write beautifully!

Lucid Darkness said...

Oh and is your blog *cough* pink why I think it is?