Wednesday, August 20, 2008


the leftest little girl is my mom, then there's my uncle and aunt. mom's doing something with a khonjoni.
aaaahahahhaha the grouchy one would be mom's neighbourgirl, and the Chinese cutted haired person is herself.

there's mommy and aunty again.

polyester frock.

it beats me how cute kids can grow up to be such hitlers. the cutest is the hitlerest.:/


Lucid Darkness said...

The third picture is really sweet.

PS: Your postscript! *shakes head*

julychild said...

but the postscript is sotrue. it's probably because the cutest people are used to always getting their way (and things done their way). when the puppyeyedness doesn't work they take to throwing tantrums and being mean.

the samething can be said about my dad, because he was the youngest and brightest sibling of all and always adored, the clever little kid who always got people to do what he wanted. he just can't deal with letting people have their own opinion. my uncles are more tolerant, probably because they had to tolerate my dad as a kid :P

Jadis said...

yes. and all hitlers look so INNOCENT as kids too. beats me. *looks sullen*


little boxes said...

old photos say so many old stories...and they are always a treat to be discovered!
hitler or no hitler ;)

goooooood girl said...

So good......

lilblackstar said...

awww such cheeks such cheeks