Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mean For Halloween / Inktober 2014

Earlier this month when I started noticing #inktober on my feed, I was also very cranky in general. One day, post a shower I sat down to get it out of my system using some black ink and this happened.

Which led me to want to extend this into a series, and I started the #MeanForHalloween portrait series on my facebook page, where you can request quick ink portraits that display you flaunting that mean streak you so carefully keep under the covers. I also started getting requests by people to draw their  friends, and that sounded like an even better idea- be mean for halloween and scare your friends with horrible portraits of themselves!

So far, I've been spending about a maximum of 20-30 minutes on each portrait ( working on this series alongside  few client projects) and at times, its been TERRIFYING because I'm mostly really embarrassed of my lack of consistency in style/accuracy and the fact that I'd HAVE to post once its done- without fail.But since I started it just to have fun with it, I'm not being too hard on myself and just putting it out there.

 I'm still taking in requests, so no matter who or where you are, whether you celebrate halloween , whether you're feeling mean , have friends to make me draw - you could contribute by volunteering for a portrait and let me figure out the rest. Or, if you like it, share it! It'll be really encouraging.
Check out the pieces from the series so far:

How about it?

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Anusia said...

i have seen the picture of Halloween. My friend posted it. It is an amazing festival.