Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some shabbily executed packaging design (CollegeAssignment) work on my window sill. Not a very happy time, but the owls make me hoot. :)
And I just noticed, 99 followers! One more and I'll have a beer and urge you to join me. The dying blog thanks you for visiting if you're reading this.

But how come nobody talkstomeeeeeeecommenttttplease.


bubba said...

That awkward moment when I forgot if you were at

Ship with sails and stones
Ship with sun and moon?
And end up in hysteria believing that the blog was murdered

weevil girl said...

hahaha :) hello. Its not, and I'm glad you found it, or even tried.

M said...

It's probably got something to do with you calling comments 'blahs'; but yes, awesome blog.

Anoo. said...

This blog has become a work of art now :)