Sunday, October 16, 2011

One night with Vector

So last night when I couldn't sleep because of The Shining (for which I have taken up the Herculean task of making a title sequence for an assignment.cause hell, I'm just stupid and like to fuck myself over with imposifuckingble goals), I tried making some icons for my Mac but well they turned out too illustrative and, uh, nothing smart, as I went ahead with each. But well, here they are.

Maybe I'll continue some other insomnistic night. Insomnistic sounds like such a efgdfgfd word.
New art up on Tumblr and AAAAAAAA NH7 IS COMMMMINGGGG! WHO WANTS TO VISIT ME IN POONA AROUND THAT TIME? :D I'll pretend there's a crowd of 'ME!'s on my plate right now, be all yaw come on lets hav the funz but fuck how depressing is no readership. 


Tangerine said...

This is awesome work.....
I wish to have a tee or smthng made with this.. I am serious

weevil girl said...

YOU CAN ORDER ONE! tell me which and i'll make them into tshirt designs and send them along, whoever wants anything off my blog can request and It'll be in my virtual store(which is non existent as of now,cough) :)

Tangerine said...

can i? that would be awesome, i was looking for birthday gifts for 4 of my friends, something custom made with a nice caption.? How much will it come to?
Oh give me an email id?

weevil girl said... email away

Parizad. said...

And this too.