Tuesday, April 19, 2011


is my new favourite word. Reached home last evening to fall asleep for more than 12 hours after an hourlong rant about how ugly I am (which is so ugly, that my mom would rather look at Radhika on Zee TV).

Tell me, would you be more disgusted if you saw me lick the rim of a glass after taking a sip- would you rather I let you encounter a drool-thread because I didn't take necessary precautions because they don't tally with your set of etiquettes? Honestly, if there's bad happening, maybe, just MAYBE its because you've just been salvaged from worse.Especially if I'm involved, just nothing is bad enough to be the worst that can come,kids.

A dick, however, would be it.


Peevie Juice said...

drool - my favorite word.

PS - "frandsh" was the Word Verification thingy in my comment.

Hahahahaha. Though I should share.


HT said...

I like ranting, and I'm doing just that. It's a sad world for me, right now. Ah, well, would you believe if I said I echo similar emotion?
Whatever. I love your blog.
how do i follow it? Oh, how? :(

weevil girl said...

DROOL. drool thread makes it sound more elaborate and relevant to me, however. lets say you didnt get that.
ou JU
@ HT- YOU GO TO MY SIDEBAR AND SEE THE FOLLOW PLACE WHATEVER [there's this stack of followers who dont comment :( ] and click on follow and do the needful, man. DO EET:D
Thanks :)

my word verification is worph.
blogger is a toddler who cant pronounce a d.

Concerned Ape said...

I saw a girl drool the other day before a volleyball match. It was like a crystal sword. She pretended it never happened and carried on with her activity.