Sunday, August 15, 2010

Within myself, I'm better

So why dont you take a ride

But I guess that too, only when I'm just a vagina.

Just a hippie masturbating 
to your psychopathic cries.


Purple said...

Hi ship.
I’ve looked at your pictures [photos by you] over and over again ever since I first checked them out. And I am honestly in admiration. Three of your pictures in the THOOKU NAKA album inspired me to write a poem [notsogood] and I wanted to put them up along with my poem on my new blog. I have given credits to you and also added a link to your blog, assuming that you wouldn’t wanna break a bottle on my head about it.:S

Please send an approving mail so I may be eased of this deed.

Always an admirer

PS- I didn't know your email id. You can delete this after reading. This is no stratergical publicity statement[?]. I love you.

Anonymous said...

you are one crafty bitch :)