Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birla Mandir, Kolkata.

Looks like i really enjoy doing architectural photography. I was getting the drift of this in Aurangabad earlier, when we were taken for our Socio Cultural Research trip, especially with Amish's camera, the pictures of which i have tried to snag out of his possession on several occasions, but failed.

I just noticed i had misspelt Aurangabad as AurangaBar.
So much for an attempt at seemly posts trying to hide inebriation.


Limpidus said...

oh yessssssss
these places always look delicious with the sunlight so bright your eyeslids stick to each other

JD said...

Nice stuff.
And good work @ Aurangabar. I'm sure the S. Sena branch of there will be pleased as peach to hear that.