Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hometown Glory

This is one slow, slow city. Every ride here has a million stops, and we wait for everyone, don't we?
The mornings are semi opaque, the afternoons we sleep through, and at night, i want to find myself perched right atop a streetlight, humming in key for once.

What i feel is most strikingly different in being here than in Pune is that there, i always feel restless, like there is a constant need of getting to someplace other than where i am, of doing something other than what i am doing at any given moment.While here, there's this perpetual feeling of being home and dry, leading to the laid-back-ness.
I dont know which of them is nicer.


Lets look for a streetlight to climb.Inside our lyad-ridden heads.


Sourya said...

Sunil er lekha Smritir Shohor Kobita ta poris.

AritrY said...

I wanna climb on a streetlight too! yayy....wonderful idea xD

LD said...

Heh. Funny you should say that. It is here that I feel terribly restless, like I don't belong amidst the laidback yawns and vacant stares. I'm always itching to do something to get rid of the monotony.

Sherry Wasandi said...

Whoa...and I thought Pune was mind-numbingly slow. Kolkatta must be a time-warp on a whole different level. (Assuming it's Kolkatta you're talking about.)

And despite there not having been a lot of poetry and art in recent times, I still LOVE your blog.

You have a devoted fan. Even if you feel inclined to believe otherwise.