Sunday, September 13, 2009

what the fuck.

weird life i have. can mostly be passed off as non existent, yet i seem to have no time for ANYTHING these days. not even sleeping. and i always complain about how bored i am, or how deep in shit i happen to be, but that's all there is to it. i thought i'd finally write a long and descriptive blogpost about everything that's been going on but i feel too goddammed sleepy, so ill pass.oh so this one girl in the hostel has an iball graphic tablet which is what i used to make that image in the beginning of the post oh hell do i suck or what. ok so what else.lets see. i bought two jholas yesterday and busted a lot of money. i've been eating too much and gaining weight. the college canteen seems to be quite alright now. i now own purple eyeliners. two ya.i actually dozed off while typing the last sentence, which, as you mustve noticed, had just two words.

ok so guess what. ill update later.


Sayan said...


Oh you suck or what.

Lost within myself said...

first time reader.
looking forward for more.err....drawings that is :D
actually..i like ur casual approach towards (me) posted :)

Deeganto said...


Sherry Wasandi said...

I still think you're exceedingly good at what you do.

The art AND the poetry.

Yep. True.