Friday, May 23, 2008

this is the HEIGHT of badluck. i get done with a call, which told me how i must be ready for another call which i might be getting in a while and as soon as i hang up, my phone decides to hang, and then dies. you understand dies? its not getting switched on. idunowhathappened i DUNNO BATTERY GELO NA KIHOLO IM TECHRETARDEDANYWAY ARGH.
edit: around 9:15 p.m.
SO i finally got done with something i'd been grumbling about this morning, over here, so here you go:(fullview, PLEASE)

hitch a ride noncolouredrough by ~weevilgirl on deviantART

so far, so good. but what happens NEXT is that the retard suddenly decides to take a paintbrush, AND paint.. AND, yes just as you were thinking.. THAT very picture up there, and puts them together. in the biginning it was sort of a blue waterwashed sky, so pretty pretty in blue itwas. but then there was the only FLUID poster colour left, how could she not rape the picture with THAT? it was black. BLACK, DOODS! BLACK POSTER COLOUR+THE SKY IN THE DRAWING +A PAINTBRUSH + A PAINT ILLITERATE FUCKTARD = DIS-AS(S)-TER.

SEE FOR YOURSELVES( fullview AGAIN, please)


oh YES. now SOME people might find it artistic [ oh yes, such unbelievably sdhgfh people DO exist (do something about my vocab, someone) i'd give you an example, but you wouldnt know the person ], but i'll tell you straight out what it really is.

it is my absolute inability to paint.period.

and i thought i'd -ahem- dedicate the painted shit to shruti and arunima, justlikethat. but after this -hangs head in shame-

and oh this is justan old doodle. reddoodle.

and if this looks scary enough or summin, this is for old PK WHO STOLE THE LOWE OF MY LIFE.

p.s.: my phone, dear friends, is still dead. rejoice!

also, please see last post. CD covers or whatever, tell me if you'll buy a cd with looks anything like that i need to SHOW THAT SHIT TO TEH WOMAN WHO TAKES ASSIGNMENTS :/


:: Clouds :: said...

i know.phones are crazy. :X.
that's exactly my exphone died too.
ki phone chhilo?

starry said...

I simply,absolutely love the way you draw :D

little boxes said...

drawings are very nicely done...
and yes,phone died but comp lived and what was related through it was awesome!!

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

me be happy, actually!
yes blue sky looked nice but hey i like darknights too...
and i love her dress. no really. i want lollipops on my dress too.
make me one, Shippy?
and yes you can paint. cos I say so.

littleblackstar said...

told you about the phone and told you about that painting.


i adore both of them, but i do like the coloured version a lot. i have screwed up lots of stuff i wanted to paint. :(

Kazarelth said...

"[insert necessary quote here]"
wtf? xP

They {le drawings} are very nice, though. And I really can't make hollower comments than this. No.


I really wish I was an art connoiseur. Or, some hypocritical douchebag. :P

That way, I can match up with the peoples[es] on this blogs' commentroll. [:P] [:P]

{Yes. My exams are over. My exams are over. My exams are over.}

{AND! Please let this comment stay. Please please?}

{AND AND! You draw really nicely :)}