Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fullview, please.


egghead. by ~weevilgirl on deviantART
because im an egghead and in case you dont get this, you are one too.



ok so the girl thinks you hate her because of her facial she dont think that's teh reason you hate her, but THAT is the reason for her thinking so. such people exist, yes.she doesnt, but whatever.and they dont let her fly a kite cuz of that. :[

and she's called asima.

and my life does not exist beyond teh virtual realm, and even that is being curtailed now.
terrific, aint it?

and i havnt learnt to say sorry or thank anyone when one deserves it. so what am i to do now?


littleblackstar said...

I know manymany people who are symmetry-challenged(?), and behave in quite similar ways.

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

shippy i love you.
and because of that i'm going to do your tag rightnow.

Sayan said...


Too fucking brilliant.

This is..

Sayan said...

Egghead = One of the best things I've ever seen/felt/jksjdfkl at. Ever.

Asima = Beautiful.

little boxes said...

Egghead is nicely done.Asima is...umm...deep.took me sometime to let it in...and to answer ur question,let me be

Saturnalia's Offspring said...

I think I've spent a total of half an hour staring at Egghead.
on DA yes because this resolution is too low, but I'll still comment here.
And Asima... she's been haunting the back of my skull y'know.

I've said this to Sayan before and I'll say this again:
No one draws like you Shippy.
No one.

G/w\ynbleidd said...

youknowwhat ?

you just made a fan of yours. :| :)

Jadis said...

heeeee. bherreeee good.

i kno asima. very well. better than, no as much as i know myself. and i really loved what you wrote under her.

Phoenix speaks.... said...

I just came across your blog..
Did you draw these youself??

weevil girl said...

@ arunima- i bet they do.
@ shruti - :')
@sayan - then you have seen/felt/jksjdfkl at veryfewthings or you have toomany bests :P
thankew anyway
@bdc- heh. and thanks.
@RM- oolala xD
@jadis- as do i. thankssomuch!

@phoenix speaks- yesidid.

eden gardens said...


how do u do this???? im challanged computeristically.... wish i cud hav dun dat.... :(

Phoenix speaks.... said...

WOW !!!!!
I don't think I have any right to comment cz i can't even draw a circle properly.. :P

Aruni RC said...

okay, here's another 'wow' in the wall. Oh, and social grace is so passe. And hence optional I guess.

inihos said...

I sometimes think even my life's ceasing to exist beyond the virtual...

(bhalo akeychish!!!)

weevil girl said...

@shonai person i can undo it again so you can doit your way xD
@phoenix speaks- arre :P thanks!
@aruni rc- indeedly. and thankyou :)
@inihos- oh well. i wonder if thats a good feeling, having it FOREVER exist JUST virtually is sorta numbing.
and thankyou!